And Yet, Here Am I – Getting Fitter!

And yet, here I am – getting fitter and fitter all the time!  An idea struck me like a bolt of lightening today while I was out running.  A page about the quest to improve fitness, that includes achievements without details of distances covered or for the fitbit community – steps taken.

Hopefully this page will give an indication of effort made, without informing anyone of anything which can be a comparison to either mock or to decide to not be a part of because it isn’t applicable to their personal abilities.

I would like to help to inspire others to make the effort required to improve their lives, their health, their state of mind through the relatively cheap method of regular exercise.

All of us, have reasons NOT to make an effort to exercise.  These ‘reasons’ are really just excuses that can be denied, or contradicted with just a change of perspective, or attitude.  How many of us are there who wouldn’t benefit from being more physically fit and capable in our everyday existence?

Invaluable Tool – A Fitbit Tracker

An important aspect of my journey down this fitness path, was the addition to my arsenal, of a Fitbit Charge HR!  Given to me as a gift over 6 months ago from the time of this entry.  With this tool which records my heart rate, information regarding effort made is easily made available for perusal, and therefore to use to aid with motivation, and accountability.

I would HIGHLY recommend everyone with any interest AT ALL in improving their health and fitness add a Fitbit Tracker to their lives!

On a side note here:  It is my personal opinion that Government ought to invest in helping people getting fitter to help themselves, by part-funding one purchase of a Fitbit product per Driver’s licence or Tax number for anyone over a certain age.  Thus improving the health of the nation’s workers, reducing hospital visits, increasing the work capacity of citizens thereby increasing the taxable income to help fund the Nation. Thereby making the Fitbit expense to the Nation, pay for itself.  Just saying…

Fitbit Community

I have discovered there is a whole Fitbit Community online available to anyone which is made up of incredible people who are all like-minded in that fitness is a priority in their lives.  I have only visited this community a few times, but have been amazed by the support everyone offers everyone else who is also on the journey of getting fitter!  So many of us are out there, doing it on our ‘own’, and to have the support of others in a similar boat is reassuring, to say the least!

The Fitbit Community is available to everyone through the link below.  Anyone can use it, without the need to purchase a tracker.  Although the information recorded with a tracker means that the value of the website can be utilized to a more full extent – depending on how involved you want to be.  It is up to the individual!

Please Join Me!

I would LOVE for someone to join me on this journey!  I run with my dog, but he is not particularly motivating or inspiring although he certainly enjoys our outings!  Let’s see how this blogging game can work in finding blog-friends who are interested in getting fitter with me!