TBI Survivor – An Introduction…


Introducing Me

Hi there!!  My name is Jo, I’m new to this blogging game, but I am giving it a go.  A TBI survivor who is WAY out of my comfort zone, but doin’ it anyway!!

My claim to fame is that I am one of the too many head injury recipients residing in the world today!  A victim of someone else’s silly decision while driving.

I love my life!  I am attempting a ‘new phase’… I call ‘DOIN’ IT!’  The old phase has reached it’s use by date, and was called, ‘NIKE!  Just Do It!’  That was the message I was always telling myself as I had all these ‘good intentions’ but not the ‘gumption’ to bite the bullet and DO something about them!

I am wanting to touch base with others who are in the same boat as me.  That is; through head injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, a concussion, or suffering a stroke or other similar type brain altering, and therefore ‘life altering’ experience, finding their every day existence challenging compared to before.

Maybe someone close to you is the ‘altered citizen’, and you are thereby affected too…

Please leave me a comment, so I can learn how this blogging game works…



P.S. 10 months later… time is ticking by

Not much has been learnt regarding blogging at all in that time!  Confidence, enthusiasm and motivation ALL took a hit near the end of April.  Then winter rolled in and the clock went on ticking by.

The main purpose of this blog exercise is to promote an e-book I intend to publish about getting on with life after TBI.  To help others learn more quickly, what I have struggled with on my own through years of tinkering with progression.

Apparently e-books are promoted through Blogs.  Then when an audience is established – launched successfully.  However, I have yet to learn how to spread the word and introduce the Blog to other TBI survivors.

My theory is that EVERYBODY knows somebody with a TBI, or who has suffered a stroke.  The effects of both can be very similar, so we need to join forces and assist each other.  Please aid me in reaching others by sharing this.  If I had have been in contact with other TBI Survivors, my journey would have been far easier.

I have learned lots of helpful tricks to counteract the new limited brain function and want to share.  Simple aids which are easily accomplished and replace the now extinct abilities that were taken for granted.  We don’t realize how complex we are as a being who exists so subconsciously!  eg  Leaping down from a height and not realizing that there will be thought required to accomplish successful landing manoeuvres!  The normal mind knows to prepare the landing gear in order to land on feet, then stand.  The new TBI mind has to be conscious of the upcoming change of situation – leaping, falling, landing.  3 separate and distinctly different operations requiring different mental settings for successful performance!  Then of course there is the important act of breathing mid sentence to avoid experiencing another natural action…  When the body/brain has insufficient oxygen in the circulatory system it initiates a yawn to increase oxygen intake.  Others misinterpret yawning mid-sentence to boredom – a very unattractive practice when talking to others!

The list of subconscious actions initiated by the brain is extensive!  A Traumatic Brain Injury severs the connections which enable these practices to be performed without conscious consideration.  The TBI Survivor first needs to realize and identify the presence of the new limited brain function.   Then the compromised aptitude must find the drive to ACT upon this deficiency and learn to compensate.  Not an easy state of mind when life has instantly become so infernally difficult!!

I intend to learn to share excerpts from my e-book.  This will give potential readers an idea of how simple and helpful these tricks are.  Using this Blog site, we should be able to share tips among the community to help each other.

One person learning one helpful aid to smooth out the journey along this twisty TBI Survivor’s road to normality!  That is all it will take to mean that I have succeeded!  I want to help others in a way that I myself, would have welcomed assistance.  If someone had have given me a small book, a journal of examples – what a difference!!!  One lesson learned can lead to another being far easier to grasp.

It can be done!  Getting on with the rest of our lives in this new and different predicament is like a new adventure!  Together we can take action, seize the opponent and crush this debilitating condition of our confidence, and be strong!

Kia Kaha!!   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kia_kaha

Hopefully there will be 2 posts per week.  Subject topics are a variety of aspects of my new life.  All of which are relevant to a main heading of ‘Doin’ It’.  Because everything seems to require a conscious choice for ‘Action’!  Action requires enthusiasm and motivation – not necessarily in that order!  The motivation for blog action is the impending expiration of the fees paid for registering this site.  Please help me to generate an audience to justify reinvesting in this venture!

Everyone knows someone who has had a TBI or has suffered a stroke.  Many of these citizens are struggling the same as I have.   The road is long, and winding, and can feel very lonely!  Together we can support one another and join forces.  This can make the journey an adventure which is more enjoyable than one travelled alone.  It takes one to know one!  Please help me to spread the word!