Tonti 2017 One of a Pair

Currently I am working on a Chalk Pastel portrait of Tonti.  The finished size will be a little bigger than A4, so that it can be trimmed to fit in an A4 frame.  The photo of Tonti captures his character perfectly.  He is a little full-speed-ahead dog who loves to play fetch.  If no-one throws his ball, he has a blanket that he likes to wrap the ball up in, and then unwrap it so it flicks out of the blanket to be chased.  Throwing the blanket over Tonti so he has to look for his ball while he is tangled in a blanket, is the funniest thing you ever did see.  He stands up on his back legs underneath the blanket and ‘pounces’ around the room if he thinks he will land on his ball.

The beige blanket Oby is held in is Tonti’s blanket.  I was going to include it in the portrait but have changed my mind as Tonti’s hair over Noeleen’s fingers looks nice.  Also I think that Tonti’s front legs make a nice edge to the drawing without adding folds of blanket.  I shall see what Noeleen thinks when Tonti is completed, I can always add the blanket afterwards.

The chalk pastel portrait is the fourth of a set which began several years ago.  The other two are visible little wee on the page of photos being copied.  Oby is being held by the hand copied for Tonti’s portrait.  Tonti wouldn’t stay still enough for long enough for the hand to be photographed in a decent position.  Four fingers visible will look so much more like a hand than the three fingers photographed with Tonti for the portrait!

Well, Noeleen didn’t want her hand in there after all that, so instead Tonti is sitting on a cane chair for the finished portrait.




Framed and with the photo enhanced and the image sharpened, with a little of the flash reflection left to show the photographer’s novice skill level.

Genesis 1:3 is the verse used for this bundle of entertainment’s portrait;  ‘And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.‘  Except that when one thinks of Tonti, what comes to mind is, ‘And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and He made Tonti!’  Those crazy eyes and that happy little grin shows the active mind, searching for a way to make everyone laugh!