Learned A New Blogging Tool!

What do you know??  My knight in shining armour managed to teach this distressed damsel a brand new blogging tool!

And he seems to have done it very very easily, too!!  As you will be able to see in the latest updated post A Trick To Go Further, Faster I have learned to add a link to a previous post, so that by reading ONE post there is a link to another relevant post!!!

Now I just would like to learn how to insert a smiley face emoticon picture to indicate how I am feeling…

Time to go for a run, not ask my knight ANOTHER question…

If you would like to come for a run with me while the sun is shining select this text!  Or to see a part of my running trail you could take a look at the photo here…  Hey!  Check THAT out!  The highlighted text doesn’t even NEED to be the title of the link!!!  Is that clever – OR WHAT!!!!

(Here I would like an AMAZED emoticon… but that lesson is still to be negated…)

See ya!


A Trick To Go Further, Faster

I’ll share a trick I’ve discovered to help me go further, faster when really all I want to do is walk.

It’s obvious that if I keep running I get home sooner and get on with other stuff.  That is motivation in itself!  There are always a number of other tasks I would rather do than run!  So to go further, faster is something worth striving for!

I used to tell myself to ‘turn up the volume‘.  I don’t listen to music while running, turning up this volume means cranking the effort dial and putting more in – to get more out!  If I get my running shoes ON and out the gate, I may as well use the time as fully as possible!  So turning up the volume is still a regular phrase of self talk on my journeys, although it is interchangeable with ‘go further, faster‘!  To view a photo of me with my running shoes on see the Photo At Last post.

After ‘turning up the volume‘ for a period until ready to walk a bit, I’d set a target point.  With the mark set I’d run as hard as I could until ‘there‘, before having walk time.  This seemed to help increase my strength.  The heart rate gets super high, and over time I could maintain the faster run for longer.  I discovered however, that the overall time spent over the same distance was actually faster if I ran slower but more consistently.  Although this resulted in less calories burned – NOT the desired result, at all!  Then I had to convince myself it was time to ‘turn up the volume‘ again at random intervals.

‘Ambling’ became my new ‘walk’

So by needing to walk after exerting self, the time spent out on the ‘street’ was increased.  My next plan of attack was to ‘go hard‘ for a number of strides, then ‘amble‘ a while to recover.  This negated the time spent walking in order to recover.  This works great!!  I find it is harder to start again, once I stop running.  Far easier to simply ‘alter the volume‘ on the effort dial and go further, faster to get home sooner.

Going uphill I ‘go hard‘ for less strides than when headed back downhill. The overall time spent out on the road is decreasing all the time.  It means I don’t run until I am spent and then NEED to walk.  The slower, more comfortable pace of ‘ambling‘ has become my new walk.  Ambling is a pace where there is room for recovery, in order to enable another exertion.

The trick with this method tho, is to keep count of strides…  I count off ten or twenty at a time and hold up a finger to keep track of how many I am up to.  This is a helpful way to convince self to carry on as the end of the exertion is only a measurable distance away.  This trick helps to pass the time too.  The ability to estimate the point where the next change of gait will occur also creates a target to aim for.  The distance seems to be eaten up a lot faster when you are aiming for points in a more regular fashion.

As I get more fit using this method, my ‘go hard‘ and ‘amble‘ numbers are altering accordingly.   The length of time to recover, is decreasing…  Which means that the opposite side of the equation – the ability to spend more time in exertion seems to be increasing at a surprising rate!!

In my personal opinion – (from a place with no official knowledge regarding such things), this seems to be a far better way to improve fitness and strength!  More productive than just going out for a steady run at a steady pace for the entire duration.

Another trick is to have points along the route and remember my times for.  That way there’s an indication of effort spent  compared to the common times of being at a point.  I can tell if I have been slack and need to ‘turn up the volume’, or if I am on track for a record time.  Being on track for a record time is motivation to go further, faster and make a new record!

The Dog… An Interruption

Of course, if the dog wants to have a swim in a stream my time gets out of whack.  Or if he disappears after a rabbit and needs a realignment of his ears, or needs supervising whilst a vehicle goes by – time is affected.  (Realigning ears involves retrieving the dog, and then attaching a lead.  Of course, first one has to have had the forethought to put collar on dog.  And then to remember to bring the lead…)  But I would rather have the dog with me, than leave him at home and run alone!!

Here are my ideas to try and incorporate into your own exercise efforts!  If anyone has their own tricks to go further, and faster, please feel free to share them!  I am keen to learn how to reduce the time necessary to make the required efforts.  Surely, everyone wants to have MORE time to accomplish MORE things!  If only I had a running mate, (or several) that could all help motivate more effort, and add those 3 inspirational words that we could all do with hearing more!!  What words are these?  Check out the post Come Run With Me and join me on my journey!

As more lessons are learnt regarding this blogging caper, there will hopefully be links within posts.  These links will lead to other posts which are relevant in content.  So much to learn!  So little time!  Although with less time spent out on the street, things are looking up!  Stay tuned to see what can be learned!  Feel free to add any snippets of information to aid me!  Did you see that??  I learned to add links from my knight in shining armour!!!  Thank you kind Sir, from this damsel in distress regarding blogging!!

Getting fitter!


The Most Scary Thing I’ve Done In Years!

I was emailing a close friend who expressed an interest in starting her own blog.  I inserted saved data from my own very recent, scary journey down the dark and windy path of ‘Blog Creation’, and added loads of notes!

At the end of the email in an effort to try and expel some of the fears that had been impeding my own travels on said path, I used the analogy of just shutting her eyes and leaping!  There is a vision in my mind of one with one’s eyes closed tight, thumb and forefinger gripping onto one’s nasal apertures for all they are worth, and LEAPING!  Knees bent up close to the body, spare arm wrapped around the shins, and going far beyond the diving platform!  This to me, is the best way to embark upon a scary journey!  Feet first, eyes closed, past the point of no return!

It is a dark, overcast and therefore moonless night.  The wind is howling so that waves are formed in the pool and are crashing against the sides of the pool, making abrupt, crashing noises.  The water is black, there is no light to make any reflection of anything!

The deep, dark ‘pool’ of unknown-ness, is this pool of making a ‘Blog’… site…website??… thing!  It is the pool I find myself floundering around in, trying to settle into a comfortable way forward, a stroke that allows comfortable breathing, progress, and enjoyment.  Instead I find myself bobbing up and down, a bit of dog-paddle for a while, then dunked back under with ideas of what I want to be able to do, but with no idea where to head next!

Then I went on to say that it is the most scary thing I have done since….  a long pause, trying to think of something scary that I have achieved…  AFS – a year abroad living a family I don’t know??  No!!!  The most scary thing I have EVER done, would HAVE to be waking up in hospital with a head injury!  Not scary then, but by far the most scary thing I have ever overcome!

A newspaper photo featuring me & my ‘closies’ in intensive care.

When I regained consciousness, the awareness of the situation fell on a very small, closed and dim brain.  Meaning that the scary journey seemed entirely normal, and not at all frightening, until much, much later on. And then, over and over for quite some time!

The most scary parts of the journey were the periods of realizing that life as I knew it, was over.  Almost 25 years of being who I was, the dreams and ideas, all disintegrated, blown to smithereens because someone else was in a hurry, and pulled out to pass a truck and trailer on a blind corner.

And now I am on this path of my journey!  Scary too!  With terminology I really don’t understand, and ‘use’ only because I have seen them and have an idea kind of related to what they are referring to.  The worst part is that it has cost me $!  It is not even the intended outcome for starting down this path!  This dark and winding path is only the START of my journey, which will hopefully end up by publishing my first book.

A brilliant newsletter re head injury and TBI info, inserted itself into my path this week… http://www.brainline.org/  check it out!  Newsletter 62 was my introduction to this website.

Searching For A ‘Community’

Ok, blog seems to be heading in a direction now, far from running though!  The next rung of this ladder looks like it involves searching for a community looking for an adoptee.

Community Traits Sought  

There has to be people out there somewhere who are in a similar stretch of their own journey to one I traveled.  There has been an ‘incident’, resulting in an altered brain function of someone and their close companions somewhere in the world.  My own ‘closies’ were seeking any information they could get their hands on regarding what on earth they had been thrown into!

Plenty of information was supplied regarding the worst possible scenario, a vegetable like state or close to it, but that didn’t supply much hope.

Out of a coma, through several departments of hospital, lots of stages of return to normality ensued.  A couple of months later and a return home meant I was healed… didn’t it???!! 🙂

Not at all!  Where to now?  What is going on?  What is around the corner? How can I change this?  Why is there no information anywhere?

Has anyone been there?  Does anyone have any answers?  Is there someone asking similar questions?  How does one become like a different person, with different abilities, and different limitations as a working adult and just get on with getting on?

Been there, fumbled along, made mistakes, but find self coming out the other side.  Bobbing on the surface with enough strength to take the occasional stroke, and get enough air to carry on! 🙂

Oh the things there are to learn from!  Some support from someone who knew what was going on would have been most valuable!

Today’s task will be finding out how to search for a community of bloggers from a similar neighbourhood to the one I exist in.  Another aspect of blogging to learn…


P.S.  The first thing I did was google <blogs, head injury> and top of the list was  http://www.brainline.org/   and their newsletter no. 62

Brain injury Blogs: Voices from People Living with Traumatic Brain Injury



This is the start of my ‘blogging career’…  Doin’ it and learning as I go!

It will be baby steps at first as I follow tutorials until I can pick up what exactly they are putting down, and then hopefully I manage to ‘file’ it away in the grey matter for not too far in the future reference to repeat the process until it just happens…

Hello world!

Shock Horror!!  I think my site has finally come to life!

If it is true, then that means I have managed to crack it!  The frustration can finally wind down…  Now all I need to do is to learn how to move on and become proficient at this blogging game.

Oh, the ideas I have had about things I can post!  I have even thought of things that I might be able to make ‘links’ to in my posts – although I have no idea about how to ‘link’ anything to something else yet…

The only problem so far – is that due to the difficulty I have been experiencing launching this site, my focus has been very narrow.  I haven’t been noting ideas down about future posts at all.  They have been flitting in and then out of my ‘open gated‘ brain.  Thereby distracting me from the ‘job at hand‘.

You might be wondering why the two phrases are italics in the paragraph above, good spotting!  It has taken me about 3 yrs, but I have finally completed the text for a sort of a journal of my journey from invalid to here.  The book is the reason I have persevered through this blogging phase of the trek.  There will be excerpts from the book in this blog in an attempt to help others.  Recognizing the new symptoms which are a result of the head injury, is an important part of overcoming them.

Stick around to see more if you or someone you love is like me, and going through the all too common challenges of coming through a brain altering experience.  These might be brought on by a stroke, concussion, some head injury, or a Traumatic Brain Injury.  There is HOPE!  A bit of hard work, a lot of perseverance, many good laughs, and eventually it becomes like a sort of adventure!