Join The Ranks! Enlist To Battle The Giants

There are giants in all of our lives, who are out to get us and stop us from succeeding!   I am seeking others to join the ranks and go into battle with me against our giants!

Recently I read about going into battle against these giants, and was inspired to form an army.

Giants belittle us, intimidate us, they make us feel weak, unworthy, and insecure. If only we could find strength to stand up to these giants, we could slowly but surely, beat them.  One by one, these giants are less threatening.  One by one, they can be brought down, and beaten.

Using my favourite ‘tool’ I have come up with a strategy for battle!

First I made a Road Map for this battle.  A very important strategic move to enable a viable combat mission.  The first leg of the journey is fairly obvious; Identify the Giants.  We need to know what we are up against in order to suit up accordingly!  By identifying them, we can ascertain which  are reliant upon others, thereby enabling cunning tactics for disabling the enemy…  Beating one, can cripple another, making the battle that much easier.

a way to win the war against my giants

The Passion Planner taught me to make a road map like the one above.  How to get to where you want to go, broken into do-able steps.

Step 1 I decided, was to ‘Identify My Giants‘.

Step 2 is to Want It More.  This is a common step in my roadmaps.  Because of it’s common nature – I have learned how to negate this step, by making, and not straying too far from my road map  and it is becoming easier!  This Giant is being crippled more and more on each journey I make!

Step 3 is to Schedule.  If it is written down and given a timeframe, it can be ‘done and dusted’ easily.  No time to be overwhelmed, look at how easy it is!  Nike!  Just Do It!!

Step 4 is to Find Follow Up Buddies, F.U. Buddies.  These are citizens of like-mind, to converse with from time to time.  These F.U. Buddies are to help me to be accountable along my journey.  For me – their main task is to help keep me on track.  Sticking to the ‘job-at-hand‘ is a challenge at the best of times!

That reminds me of the hardest part of sticking to the ‘job-at-hand’!  Did you notice that the first of my Giants to be identified was the Distractibility Giant?

Too True!  I Need A Shirt Like This!

So the next step for me to complete, is to enlist others to join me in the battle against the giants.  I hereby invite YOU to Join The Ranks!!  Make contact!!  The more Follow Up (F.U.) Buddies  involved in the battle – the better!

By commenting regarding this post you too can be suited up for battle.  Together we can complete our road maps and set out on a campaign.  We can strive for victory against our giants, and share in the triumph.   Then we can go on, and set another road map for the next journey!

The Most Significant Side Effect of My TBI


Years after the incident which changed my life, the most significant side effect I battle with is distractibility.

What is Distractibility?

Distractibility to me is the ease at which one’s attention is torn from the task at hand.

Recognising this has been a life-changer.  The issue now becomes to simply overcome this, and get on with getting on.

This is easier said than done!  Recently I came across advice to ‘Battle the Giants in life’.  Rush your giant 1  Then the following days, Rush your giant2 and Rush your giant 3

I learned a valuable lesson not so long ago.  This was about ‘how to go about achieving success when the finish line is seemingly out of reach’.  Passion Planner pgs 4 n 5  I made a ‘Road Map’.

So the Road Map is made, and the first most obvious pit stop, is to Identify My Giants.

Requirement;  To overcome the giant in the room who is a procrastinating distraction.  He is trying to stop me every moment of every day from progression on my journey of life.

The task of breaking down that Big Ugly Giant into smaller pieces came next.  A list of more defined, but individual hurdles ensued.  These are each far more easily confronted 1-0-1.  Many of which can be intertwined and are closely related.  Meaning that by overcoming one, the next almost becomes obsolete.  The weapons required in the Rush your giant2 article,  are referred to as ‘stones’.  One of the ‘stones’ to use against your giant is The Stone of Past Successes.  You have learned before what sort of stone is needed for successes.

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A Portrait of Jack

Jacky Boy

The picture above is the most recently completed commissioned portrait of Jacky Boy, at the time of writing, May 2017.

Jacky Boy was a dearly loved member of an extended family and will be missed greatly!  Tears appeared when the commissioned portrait was presented.  This portrait will forever more remind the family of their beloved Jacky Boy.

Jack was always ready to fetch his tennis ball – if only he could find someone to throw it for him.

Jack’s portrait came together very quickly and relatively easily on account of the fantastic photos that were supplied with good clear detail.

Suitable verse Isaiah 6:8 selected

The verse used on Jack’s portrait is Isaiah 6:8, the pertinent part of the verse being, “Here am I.  Send me!”

For Flaming good Framing go to Taupo Framing Centre

The framing was done by Margaret at Taupo Framing Centre who always does a wonderful job!  (The above link is to an email address as the website is unknown at this stage).

The glass used in the frame is a brand new type which appears to not even be there compared to the old style glass.  That is, except for when the reflection of the photographer is visible.