An Introduction…


Introducing Me

Hi there!!  My name is Jo, I’m new to this blogging game, but I am giving it a go.

My claim to fame is that I am one of the too many head injury recipients residing in the world today!  A victim of someone else’s silly decision while driving.

I love my life!  I am attempting a ‘new phase’… I call ‘DOIN’ IT!’  The old phase has reached it’s use by date, and was called, ‘NIKE!  Just Do It!’  That was the message I was always telling myself as I had all these ‘good intentions’ but not the ‘gumption’ to bite the bullet and DO something about them!

I am wanting to touch base with others who are in the same boat as me.  That is; through head injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, a concussion, or suffering a stroke or other similar type brain altering, and therefore ‘life altering’ experience, finding their every day existence challenging compared to before.

Maybe someone close to you is the ‘altered citizen’, and you are thereby affected too…

Please leave me a comment, so I can learn how this blogging game works…