Distractions/Focus/Attention Span (b)

Distractibility/Focus/Attention Span

I reckon that I have changed into a ‘male’s brain’ type way of functioning. No longer can I multi-task in an efficient female kind of a way. My brain likes to get on a topic – and CHARGE!! My husband jokes that I have to try really hard to walk and remember to breathe at the same time. I say that it goes like this… “Left foot forward – breathe in. Right foot forward – breathe out. Left foot forward – breathe in…”

Ok, so definitely exaggerating there! But you get the general idea – there’s not a lot of time for other thoughts to slide into my thinking!!

My Super Neuro Rehab ‘Agent’, Joanne, explained it in a way I could understand perfectly! She called it something or other technical I think, but I remembered the analogy she used – ‘Brain Gates’.
Me being a lifestyle block owner, therefore a farmer-wannabe, I related to open gates EASY!

Joanne explained it, saying that the brain has ‘gates’. These gates when operating normally – remain closed, keeping it focused on the topic at hand. They don’t allow the mind to wander and let any passing thing or thought in, to grab its attention.

Such as a fly… {FLIES!! There are so many of them now!!! And that annoying buzz they make!!!} …Buzzing past when I am deep in conversation about something like global warming with someone… Then while thinking re global warming, and therefore more balmy weather, how about having a BBQ tonight… BUGGA! I forgot to get any meat out of the freezer for dinner!!! “…oh… hang on… What were you saying????”

I have trouble keeping a train of thought. And when there are a number of people around, I have great difficulty focusing on a conversation with only one of them, as all the background activity grasps for my attention.

For a normally functioning brain, the ‘gates’ close and only allow the focus to go as far as the person one is conversing with. I think that the worst environment though, is one with a number of kids around! Dashing, fiddling, falling over, doing things they aren’t supposed to be, each wanting your undivided attention!! With different topics of conversation all at the same time!

Talk about wear me out!! The strain on the brain is so apparent with a number of young kids around!