TBI Recovery Tool – The best I’ve Found Yet





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Earlier this year I stumbled across the very best TBI Recovery Tool I’ve come across yet!

The Passion Planner had a Pin on Pinterest that described the way it worked.  They’d used an analogy I could WELL relate to!  The reader was to imagine being on a long roadie to a distant destination.  Part way there the horror arises of having forgotten to bring the road map.  This is an easily recognisable situation to me – forgetting important tools…  No worries, the general direction is known – how hard can it be??

The text explaining the Planner aligns so well with my predicament, maybe this would be a TBI Recovery Tool which could aide me in my quest.  This is the journey I am trying to stick to in order to achieve more.  I have loads of things I want to do – but very little mental discipline to stick to the job at hand.

Why Planning Works paragraph

…The picture was too blurry to read so I copied out the story…

Well, in the story – things come up that are worth checking out,  a turn off here, a turn off there, seeing the sights…  Time rolls on, the vacation period draws to an end and the destination was never reached.

Distractions!  The story of my life!

Now I am not a particularly ‘passionate’ person, so I prefer to refer to it as my ‘Intentions Planner’.  I am full of good intentions!

It has diagrams explaining how to best use the layout in the Planner.  I  found a link to http://www.passionplanner.com/what-is-it/ .  The user has coloured the different aspects of life and that appeals greatly!

This strategy is a very simple one!  It makes perfect sense, and the only way to fail – is to be too undisciplined to use the procedure!

Someone told me that they used the Passion Planner one year, loved it, but used another planner the following year.  The different planner simply did not compare, so she has gone back to Passion Planner.

I have several road maps drawn up.  The latest is the map re Battling Giants.  The Passion Planner has lined pages as well as squared pages for use too.  I have a separate book for road maps.  I realize NOW how convenient it would have been to make maps in the planner…  Hindsight!!  How perfect is hindsight?!?!

I highly recommend the Passion Planner to anybody who struggles to achieve enough.  Whether scheduling, fitting everything into a day is the problem.  Maybe like me, focussing on the Job At Hand impedes your progress.  Perhaps being simply overwhelmed by too much to do – so nothing gets started is your problem.  Grab a Passion Planner!  Learn the simple procedure to make a decent road map!  And see how my TBI Recovery Tool – the best I’ve found yet can help you too!!

I can’t believe the amount of time I have wasted sitting in an overwhelmed state of anxiety, wondering ‘What now?!?’! Image result for images of emoticons and smileys


First thing in the morning, with a fresh cup of coffee, planning occurs!  The felt pens live in a jar on the table with the planner and my map book. Image result for images of emoticons and smileys



Job At Hand – How To Focus Better

An Excerpt from Section 5 of And Yet Here Go I, Distractions;

An example I from my everyday type existence that I recently came across. This involves a way I sometimes overcome my distraction problem to complete the job at hand. (But I need to be disciplined enough to actually USE this technique with more regularity).

It goes like this;  Ok, so Job At Hand is painting the top coat on the first half of the concrete house footings and about 400mm of the bottom blocks. Plus there are occasional spots of the wall up to 2m high that need a little touch up of the same colour.

The problem of distraction:   Time is of the essence, so the priority is to get the top coat on the lower parts…

As per normal it has become the end of the day before I begin the task…

The mindset which means the ‘Job At Hand’ conflicts with my concept of ‘efficiency’; I am here, the paint is here, and I can find a spot what needs a dab of paint…  Apart from the obvious problem of touching or leaning on the upper wall to paint the lower wall and get wet paint on ME, is the time I waste.  I am spending time on the unimportant bits – extending the time it takes to do the ‘Job At Hand’!

The solution is to be aware of the distraction that is going onI  I tell self to “Stick to the ‘Job At Hand’!  Focussing on painting the top coat on the footing for the entire area, FIRST!!  THEN if there is time, come back and do the spots… A far more logical approach!

By making self AWARE of the problem, I can work on finding a solution… this is the first step! Then I can go on with the Job At Hand…

Upon finding self doing spots above the ‘Job At Hand’, I tell self out loud, “Epic fail, Jojo!!!”

I don’t like to fail at things! So remind self in not very polite terms, to try again at sticking to the ‘Job At Hand’…

It is the ‘being aware’ of the occurrence of the distraction and recognizing it as a problem, which is the source of the solution.  Then recognizing that the ‘right thing to do’ is get back to the job.  I have found that if I ‘define’ a plan for the Job At Hand, I can consciously outline it to myself.  It is easier to be aware of getting distracted, and take self back to the defined ‘Job At Hand’. For more regarding this, check out what I have learned recently about ‘Adynamia’.

Eventually I did manage to stick to the Job At Hand.  I decided upon a time which I was going to finish painting, and also allow time to clean up, and lo and behold!  The entire job was done, the spots included, and even the cleaning up a whole ten minutes earlier than the plan!!!  Having a plan was the key!  Times to finish painting and clean up etc, are a bonus!

Having a watch on to keep track of time helps immensely, although this takes a spot of forethought as well.