The Most Significant Side Effect of My TBI


Years after the incident which changed my life, the most significant side effect I battle with is distractibility.

What is Distractibility?

Distractibility to me is the ease at which one’s attention is torn from the task at hand.

Recognising this has been a life-changer.  The issue now becomes to simply overcome this, and get on with getting on.

This is easier said than done!  Recently I came across advice to ‘Battle the Giants in life’.  Rush your giant 1  Then the following days, Rush your giant2 and Rush your giant 3

I learned a valuable lesson not so long ago.  This was about ‘how to go about achieving success when the finish line is seemingly out of reach’.  Passion Planner pgs 4 n 5  I made a ‘Road Map’.

So the Road Map is made, and the first most obvious pit stop, is to Identify My Giants.

Requirement;  To overcome the giant in the room who is a procrastinating distraction.  He is trying to stop me every moment of every day from progression on my journey of life.

The task of breaking down that Big Ugly Giant into smaller pieces came next.  A list of more defined, but individual hurdles ensued.  These are each far more easily confronted 1-0-1.  Many of which can be intertwined and are closely related.  Meaning that by overcoming one, the next almost becomes obsolete.  The weapons required in the Rush your giant2 article,  are referred to as ‘stones’.  One of the ‘stones’ to use against your giant is The Stone of Past Successes.  You have learned before what sort of stone is needed for successes.

For example; some of the giants along my way are identified as attributes which are lacking.  Qualities of self confidence and discipline are inhibited by self doubt, laziness, and a lack of desire to achieve results.  Which in turn can be a consequence of not focussing on the desired result sufficiently.  It all becomes a vicious little circle, whereby not taking the time initially, ensures failing to succeed.  By overcoming hurdles in a logical systematic pattern, the race is far easier to navigate.  Big complex hurdles are simply a combination of individual efforts.  Experience in Equestrian Showjumping and Cross Country is helpful here!

Lacking discipline to sit down and make a comprehensive plan by focussing on a task could be laziness.   Being too lazy to take the time.  Too lazy to focus on the end-desire sufficiently.   It could be originating from self doubt in one’s ability to overcome such a monumental combination of efforts.  By not focussing enough, small distractions grasp one’s attention.

By scheduling time, 20 mins with a cuppa perhaps, to make a map of your route, clarity appears!  Hereby resulting in 1 stone aimed at the foe which is lacking discipline, annihilates several other problems as well.  How simple it becomes to stone your giant when one stone hits him from several directions at once!

Consequently the latest Road Map is a map of the route to Winning The Battle Of My Giants.  Other soldiers are welcome to enlist to join and to battle their own giants too.  We can don our armour, and support each other as warriors together.

Who is with me???  Get in touch to join the ranks!