A Portrait of Jack

Jacky Boy

The picture above is the most recently completed commissioned portrait of Jacky Boy, at the time of writing, May 2017.

Jacky Boy was a dearly loved member of an extended family and will be missed greatly!  Tears appeared when the commissioned portrait was presented.  This portrait will forever more remind the family of their beloved Jacky Boy.

Jack was always ready to fetch his tennis ball – if only he could find someone to throw it for him.

Jack’s portrait came together very quickly and relatively easily on account of the fantastic photos that were supplied with good clear detail.

Suitable verse Isaiah 6:8 selected

The verse used on Jack’s portrait is Isaiah 6:8, the pertinent part of the verse being, “Here am I.  Send me!”

For Flaming good Framing go to Taupo Framing Centre

The framing was done by Margaret at Taupo Framing Centre who always does a wonderful job!  (The above link is to an email address as the website is unknown at this stage).

The glass used in the frame is a brand new type which appears to not even be there compared to the old style glass.  That is, except for when the reflection of the photographer is visible.