Exercise For Busy People

Too Busy To Exercise?  Time To Rethink Your Schedule!

An article about the benefits of exercise for busy people crossed my inbox desktop, and I now know how to share on a post.  So shared – I have!

I received an email with a bunch of info in it about goal setting, motivating self and basically just getting more done from a planner company called BestSelf Co a ‘planner’ Company.

It was a link to a newsletter by them with articles within it. Newsletter 22, Motivational Mondays. The one I LOVED was all about exercise for busy people.

Excerpt from the newsletter with the important bit that I loved so much!

Sometimes we get so focused on our goals, we forget about everything else. We’re so determined to hit our goals within 13 weeks that we’re working 16 hour days.

It’s easy to forget about the fundamentals, like eating and sleeping.

But the most commonly neglected activity of all?


It’s usually one of the first things to go when we’ve got a big deadline coming up or we’re nearing the end of our 13-weeks. 13 weeks is the perfect length to keep us motivated… but that same motivation can also cause us to drop everything in the pursuit of our goal.

But we often forget that exercise isn’t just beneficial, but crucial to achieving our goal. See how exercise helps you in our new blog post:

Why Exercise Should Be Top Priority If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

I think that this is well worth the read!!  So with my new linking skills taught to me by my Knight in shining armour on the weekend, I have shared it!

Inspired EVEN more now to keep up the exercise efforts which began in October 2015!  I have found the benefits reported in the article above have indeed, improved my life.  If these can happen within my being – they can definitely work for YOU!!

Over and out!