Learned A New Blogging Tool!

What do you know??  My knight in shining armour managed to teach this distressed damsel a brand new blogging tool!

And he seems to have done it very very easily, too!!  As you will be able to see in the latest updated post A Trick To Go Further, Faster I have learned to add a link to a previous post, so that by reading ONE post there is a link to another relevant post!!!

Now I just would like to learn how to insert a smiley face emoticon picture to indicate how I am feeling…

Time to go for a run, not ask my knight ANOTHER question…

If you would like to come for a run with me while the sun is shining select this text!  Or to see a part of my running trail you could take a look at the photo here…  Hey!  Check THAT out!  The highlighted text doesn’t even NEED to be the title of the link!!!  Is that clever – OR WHAT!!!!

(Here I would like an AMAZED emoticon… but that lesson is still to be negated…)

See ya!