A Trick To Improve Brain Function

A couple of years ago a Doctor advised that to improve brain function. A simple trick to improve brain function that only requires an important decision to be made.

The Trick

In order to improve the brain function, all that is necessary is simply an increase of the blood flow for 20 consecutive mins, 5 day a week.  The rate of the increase was shared, but quickly forgotten.  If anyone reads this who knows the rate required – please share!

The Important Decision

The decision to act upon the information, is the hard part of the equation!  A conscious choice to exercise for a continuous 20 mins per day 5 days a week, is not easy.  Running was the suggested mode of exercise, and running is the least favourite exercise I know!  However, the suggestion came as a requirement therefore adherence followed.

A Strange Development

From fairly early in the new regime an unexpected and surprising improvement became apparent in the brain’s function-ability.  It took a long time before recognition of the link between the exercise and the improved brain function.  Eventually however, recall of the Doctor’s advice surfaced, and answered the inexplicable improvement.  At the time of writing, the running has continued for 18 months.  Now there is an element of enjoyment in running!  Not only after the run, when the feeling of a relaxed, physically spent contentment first became apparent.  (Possibly attributable to the realization that the run is over…). But now I also enjoy the feeling of exertion during the run – at times.  Even before starting the run there is an anticipation of the feelings it will generate.

This will be related to endorphins, no doubt.  The chemicals which are naturally produced in the body or brain.  These are ‘feel good’ chemicals which are healthy, and legal!  Not to mention increased confidence that accompanies better health and fitness.  Also the gain in physical abilities such as balance and coordination aid in the gain of confidence.

The doctor’s advice to improve brain function has turned out to be instrumental in a number of aspects of life.  There is more achieved by the more active brain.  Systems need to be adhered to in order to allow time for the exercise.  This in turn requires more discipline and structure in planning day to day activities/chores.  The use of a good planner has helped immensely!

So regular exercise is now the To Do task which needs to be factored into the plan for most days!  A highly recommendable practice for anyone who wants more from their life!  Please share how this works for you!

My Mate ‘Boy’

The acquisition of a part greyhound problem child who LOVES to get out and beat the feet is good incentive too!!  I have seen that there is a way to take other people’s dogs out for walks/runs if you find yourself lacking in canine companionship.  I forget what it is called, but it can’t be too hard to track down…

Setting Up New Life Habits – Start NOW!

A part of personal development is setting up new habits for life that replace the old, ‘bad’ habits that waste our time.

Input Required

Read as many articles as possible from sources of valuable information as you can.  By finding websites regarding some areas of interest, I now receive articles from time to time.  Reading these as they make themselves available, is a good reminder for me to stay on track.

Today a good one crossed my path and I want to share it here.  It is from BestSelfCo, and is titled 3 Powerful Ways To Break Bad Habits Once And For All.  Obviously it comes across as a ‘must read’ for someone who is striving for personal improvement!

This is a fantastic article, and by going to the links in the ‘post’ above there are great ideas to help!  The bad habits they use as examples are eating and smoking.  No surprises there!  I made notes from the article about breaking a bad habit.  Then I went ahead and made my own Quit Plan using the points in the article.  There! Attached below is my quit plan!  Made public so now I feel that the accountability space can be filled.

Quit Plan

It seems to make sense to utilise all the information possible to improve daily existence!  Especially when the information is FREE!  What is more – the information is available if one would just seek it, instead of playing cards on the computer!  One of the habits I intend to break is wasting time playing games.

Upon returning to the initial site during an email to share the info, there was time for another link. This one talked about the mindfulness required to quit a habit .   Another powerful learning opportunity regarding the neurological side of our behaviour.  Again this man uses the example of quitting smoking, but it will apply to anything assumably.

Setting up good habits to live by seems to be a great idea for everyone at any stage.  By being objective, standing back and looking in on our lives bad habits become apparent.  A simple choice to negate these habits, however small they may be, will empower one by creating an achievable milestone.  One down – what’s next?

Exercise For Busy People

Too Busy To Exercise?  Time To Rethink Your Schedule!

An article about the benefits of exercise for busy people crossed my inbox desktop, and I now know how to share on a post.  So shared – I have!

I received an email with a bunch of info in it about goal setting, motivating self and basically just getting more done from a planner company called BestSelf Co a ‘planner’ Company.

It was a link to a newsletter by them with articles within it. Newsletter 22, Motivational Mondays. The one I LOVED was all about exercise for busy people.

Excerpt from the newsletter with the important bit that I loved so much!

Sometimes we get so focused on our goals, we forget about everything else. We’re so determined to hit our goals within 13 weeks that we’re working 16 hour days.

It’s easy to forget about the fundamentals, like eating and sleeping.

But the most commonly neglected activity of all?


It’s usually one of the first things to go when we’ve got a big deadline coming up or we’re nearing the end of our 13-weeks. 13 weeks is the perfect length to keep us motivated… but that same motivation can also cause us to drop everything in the pursuit of our goal.

But we often forget that exercise isn’t just beneficial, but crucial to achieving our goal. See how exercise helps you in our new blog post:

Why Exercise Should Be Top Priority If You Want To Achieve Your Goals

I think that this is well worth the read!!  So with my new linking skills taught to me by my Knight in shining armour on the weekend, I have shared it!

Inspired EVEN more now to keep up the exercise efforts which began in October 2015!  I have found the benefits reported in the article above have indeed, improved my life.  If these can happen within my being – they can definitely work for YOU!!

Over and out!


Learned A New Blogging Tool!

What do you know??  My knight in shining armour managed to teach this distressed damsel a brand new blogging tool!

And he seems to have done it very very easily, too!!  As you will be able to see in the latest updated post A Trick To Go Further, Faster I have learned to add a link to a previous post, so that by reading ONE post there is a link to another relevant post!!!

Now I just would like to learn how to insert a smiley face emoticon picture to indicate how I am feeling…

Time to go for a run, not ask my knight ANOTHER question…

If you would like to come for a run with me while the sun is shining select this text!  Or to see a part of my running trail you could take a look at the photo here…  Hey!  Check THAT out!  The highlighted text doesn’t even NEED to be the title of the link!!!  Is that clever – OR WHAT!!!!

(Here I would like an AMAZED emoticon… but that lesson is still to be negated…)

See ya!