Come Run With Me!

No matter where in the world you are, or what time of the day it is, you can come run with me and my dog!

We can keep each other company, and push each other harder to achieve our personal goals faster and more easily!

Ahhhh, Technology!

Our running mates could be from all over the world!  Whether we run before we do the daily ‘chores’ or afterwards, any time of the day (or night depending on your time zone) we can go for a run together!

We don’t even all need to be restricted to using the shoe sole express! Some of us can use pedal power, some might even join us from a treadmill whilst watching a favourite t.v. show!  Some of us could be super fit, years down the path of this fitness journey and yet some of us might be newbies.  But I think we will all agree that by deciding to join in on this scheme, we are relatively dedicated to improving our health and fitness to some extent.

Keep It Up!

Those are three short words which I know mean the world to me when I am out there slogging my way up the hill – again…  If only someone else would come run with me, we could be sharing it all!  You know what they say about a load shared!

The Cost

All it will cost to join in, is the effort it takes to get up off the couch or desk chair, and expend some energy for at least 16 consecutive minutes!  Depending on your choice of activity – you may not even need to invest in a good pair of running shoes!

Everyone can afford this!  Some of us have time constraints that are by far more valuable than a pair of shoes, but these can also be eradicated if the desire to run with me is great enough!

“Who Is With Me?”

Is there anyone out there in a similar boat to me?  My boat type is a single person kayak type boat with no running buddy to help enthuse an effort regularly?  Tune in!  Contact me!  Leave a comment or follow me… if I ever work out how to add a ‘follow me’ option…


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