And Yet, Here Go I…

Life After A Traumatic Brain Injury

It Can Be Done!  

Learn To Move On After A Brain Injury Faster Than I Have

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel!  The Traumatic Brain Injury tunnel is simply a long and winding journey to go through.

In the event of a Traumatic Brain Injury, or other head injury such as concussion or a stroke, one needs to get up and dust self off and next thing – they are getting on with the rest of their life!  I can help!  After suffering my own Traumatic Brain Injury, I have finally reached this stage where I am really climbing some tall ladders, successfully!

There was no information on ‘Where To Next?’, and I have stumbled along a path, often told by those around me, that I should share my journey in order to help others…

Since realizing that there are lot of unfinished projects, a method to turn my ‘good intentions’ of things I could get done… into completed tasks was needed.  Then you can move on to the next brilliant idea.

As of recently, there is a ‘new and improved’ me, who now completes things, plans things, prioritizes, and makes achievements on a far more regular basis!

This website will be dedicated to the many citizens like me, who have been effected by some sort of brain trauma.  Also as a helpful explanation of what is possibly going on for the affected folk who are close to us.

Site Content

‘And Yet, Here Go I…’ will cover topics like ‘Where To From Here?’ primarily.  About leaping into the uncomfortable area of life where we need to go to make the necessary changes so we can achieve what we want to.  Probably there’s a  fear that comes from the low self esteem experienced by the person we now find ourselves to be.  But really, there is a ‘new’ us just waiting to be free of the limitations we experience.  There are some helpful tricks I have learned so that others can try them sooner than I did.

There will be several aspects covered.  Primarily I like to create art works.  This has been a lifelong interest.  It seems it to be an incredibly ‘safe’ pass time for one who’s head needs to be kept from the risk of impact.  Drawing and painting horses has proved to be safer than riding, or handling them! 🙂

Hopefully there will be posts added two or three times per week.  Maybe more as the process becomes more familiar.  There will be posts about things I am accomplishing.  As well as posts re the obstacles negotiated and overcome in the time since my TBI.